Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gluten-Free Flatbread Sandwich

This was so good, I ate two...
I've been going through some food/digestive struggles lately and haven't really made anything I deemed blog-worthy.  Until today...

This recipe is for a quick gluten-free pita, but I was too lazy to putz around trying to cut a pocket.   (No yeast means that although they puff, these don't form a pocket in the middle.)  Besides, you can fit in more goodies if you just slice it in half right?  So that's what I did.  This recipe, from Gluten-Free On A Shoestring,  sliced in half like an English muffin, only thinner. 

And the goodies inside?

Homemade hummus, adapted from a recipe in my American Masala cookbook.  (Hmmm, thought I had blogged that recipe... I'd better get on that!)
Fresh baby spinach
Sliced red bell pepper
Thinly sliced carrot

This pita/flatbread recipe was delicious.  My mind is going on and on with ideas for different flavors... Italian herb, garlic & cilantro, roasted garlic... I can't wait to experiment!